4 Dec 12

Mytragyna speciosa or Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand and Malaysia. Using Kratom leaves for its powerful stimulant and narcotic qualities has a long history. The main active substance is mitragyna Kratom. Kratom is grown mainly in the central and southern regions of Thailand, and only rarely in the north. The traditional use of this plant dates back many centuries and comes from Thailand. In recent times, it is becoming popular for recreational purposes because of the pleasant effects of the leaves of this plant. Outside Thailand, very little is known about Kratom.

Effects of Kratom:
Kratom effects vary depending upon the dose ingested. Low doses are usually euphoric and stimulant while a high dose is sedative and narcotic. This is because the principal alkaloid of Mitragyna speciosa mitragyne has energizing and narcotic effects at the same time. Stimulatory doses are usually shorter than the sedative effects, appear fast and disappear soon. Which effect will predominate depends on its level in the blood and biochemistry of each person.

Two levels of Kratom effects are Stimulant and Narcotic level.
Stimulant level: At this level the mind is more alert, physical energy and sometimes sexual energy is increased. The ability to perform hard physical labor and monotonous jobs is increased, user becomes more talkative, friendly and sociable.
Narcotic level: At this level analgesia is produced, making the individual less sensitive to physical and emotional pain and getting totally calm. If you lie on your back in a darkened room with your favorite music on, you can reach a state of sleep-sailing and dreaming.

The effect of Kratom usually lasts about 6 hours. Higher doses have greater effects and last long. The effects are similar to opioids, including analgesia and antitussive. The first effects begin within 10 minutes after tea is taken. The effect is manifested in soft waves running through the body, especially on the limbs. After 30 – 45 minutes, the effect is much stronger. Euphoria takes over and the body feels great. The effect lasts for about 2 hours at full strength, then pleasant after effects take on for another 2 hours. Kratom has fewer side effects than opiates. Combination with alcohol may reduce euphoria, increase dizziness and cause headaches.

Many people did not get such a positive experience from Kratom, in fact they reported negative effects. But study reveals that almost all the negative reports about the use of kratom mention high doses, the combination with other substances or prolonged and constant use.

Kratom side effects:
There is evidence that the side effects of kratom include dry mouth, excessive urination, loss of appetite and constipation. The result of long-term use may be weight loss, insomnia and darkening of the skin, especially on the cheeks. Withdrawal syndrome is characterized by hostility, aggression, inability to work, pain in the muscles and bones.

A low-dose (1.5-2 grams) stimulates slightly, alters perception and causes euphoria. With 4 grams, narcotic effects dominate. 6-6.5 grams dose exhibits medicinal properties. A dose of 9 grams gives vision changes, makes colors brighter, causes hallucinations, euphoria and a sense of oneness with nature. Plant causes the body and mind to work and study, gives a feeling of complete well-being.

It is advised to use Kratom with discretion. As you are equipped with enough knowledge about effects of Kratom now, you can decide for yourself what dose do you want to administer.

6 Oct 12

Kratom is a type of a tree that is very leafy in nature which is synonymous to the Asian countries. It has a Latin name as Mitragyna Speciosa. The consumption of the leaf has been banned. The foliage is huge and is exclusive to the growth of the kratom with a bird’s eye view. They are dense and give a robust look, the leaves are about eight by 4 inches long and is dropped and received as newly grown later. The growth of kratom requires good amount of detailing and care. The people using them are provided with a good amount of leaves from this tree. They require specific conditions like rich soil, sunlight, frequent watering etc. These should not be compromised. Kratom is used to prepare kratom capsules which are widely desired these days.


Kratom capsules popularity:

kratom capsules have become so popular these days because of the realization of the effects that kratom extract provides. They have medicinal properties and can be used as sedatives. They even are stimulants, and are known to be mood enhancers. Pain is very effectively treated with kratom capsules.. kratom capsules are also starting to increase its popularity due to its bad taste. Kratom is sold in various for such as leaves, powder, plants, capsules etc. The other effects of Kratom that has increased its popularity are its mood changing capabilities. It may make you feel optimistic, increase your energy, give you physical strength and even more. The kratom capsules are believed to have the effect of cocaine or any other drug. It makes you feel pleasant, talkative and takes you to another level. People want to consume it for these effects.


Kratom capsules varieties:

Kratom capsules are available in three strains namely Thai, Bali and Maeng Da. This is the basic classification of Kratom and is further classified as the percentage of extract available in various varieties as ten or fifteen percent etc. The various proportions of Kratom help define their effects well before consumed. They are also classified as Malaysian or Golden Krartom sometimes. There is variety of products you could choose from for the consumption of Kratom. Tea is often used as a stimulant with Kratom content.

Daily consumption of Kratom in regulated amounts is not considered to be harmful. The Kratom varieties should be chosen as suited for the purpose. The dosage should be kept smack at first to avoid harmful effects. You could buy Kratom at a wholesale rate from KratomSeller.com. There should be enough idea for the person to buy it and use for its effects properly. The effects are related to the quality of Kratom leaves you use to consume. The powdered Kratom is the strongest type and is to be carefully used.

The popularity of kratom capsules has been on a steady rise for the same reason of the effects it produces and its growth in many areas have made it more accessible. The internet is also a powerful source for buying kratom capsules. You should be vigilant about its growth while cultivation, purchase and consumption pertaining to the effects and responsibly understanding its popularity.

3 Jul 11

People have found so many different ways to use or consume Kratom, neither as a medicinal product, or a stimulant.  Kratom goes by many different names, and can be found in natural health food stores, or ordered from various internet retailers. These herbal plants alleviate symptoms ranging from minor colds to diarrhea. As a medicine, Kratom is good for treating many types of medical disorders.


The plant leaves are used to make medicines for pain, depression, insomnia, and other health related issues. The effect of this plant is so powerful that it can cause a person to become addicted. Kratom can be consumed in more than one way. The leaves can be eaten, or used to make tea.  The tea is made by boiling about 2 to 3 grams of resin in some hot water. How strong the flavor of the tea is depends on how much resin is used. Crushed or powdered leaves are usually used in the preparation of making the Kratom tea.


Others prefer to eat the Kratom leaves by chewing on them, or baking with them. For instances, Kratom can be used as an added ingredient in cookies, just as you would add baking powder. Cooking with Kratom offers the same effect as eating Kratom. There is no difference in the effectiveness of Kratom no matter how it is consumed. Some people prefer to smoke Kratom extract as though it were a cigar. Many people do not because of the expense associated with its use.


Kratom is also used in pies. Kratom resin pies are made with a commercial brand of resin, and are highly concentrated. There are so many ways to use Kratom that it is impossible to pinpoint them all but you can learn more on this kratom site. Everyone has a preference has to how they want to consume this herb. As stated earlier, some people may try consuming Kratom by mixing it in their tea, while other may drink it with their juice, or milk.


Kratom is loved for its potency. The stimulating effects of eating, and eating Kratom can be both eye opening, and relaxing.  When Kratom is used as a medicine it normally pacts the same power as a prescription drug. Kratom use is also used as a muscle relaxant, and is used to treat symptoms that are, associated with back pains. The study of Kratom and other possible uses, and medicinal contributions are currently being conducted in Japan and Canada.